Swimming Pool Heaters - CN Series

swimming pool heaters

In response to the overwhelming popularity of salt water swimming pools, we are pleased to offer the CN series heat exchanger which are impervious to the corrosive effects of salt water. The CN series swimming pool heaters are designed with corrosion resistant cupro-nickel tubes and bronze end covers making a perfect fit for heating salt water pools, spas and hot tubs. Also visit our Pool Heat Exchangers website for more detailed information.

The CN series swimming pool heaters are ideal for applications ranging up to 1 million btu/hr. These salt water pool heaters are easy to maintain as both the end covers and tube stack can be removed for easy cleaning. At the moment, the CN series pool heaters are the only swimming pool heaters that offer this unique feature.

Because of the standard mounting brackets (vertical or horizontal) provided with each unit, the CN series pool heater is extremely easy to install. Standard uses for these pool heaters include the heating of pools using boilers or solar panels with either hot water or glycol as the heating medium. In warmer climates they are often used for cooling of pools using a chiller as the cooling source.

Download the following brochures: CN-P | CN-S | CN-XL | CN-Ti | CN-SS.

CN-Series pool heaters provide a simple method of heating swimming pool water indirectly from a central heating boiler.

  • removable cupro nickel tube bundle heat transfer surface
  • shell made of bronze or cast iron
  • tube side operating pressure 87 PSIG
  • shell side operating pressure to 87 PSIG
  • operating temperature up to 100°C
  • perfect solution for saltwater swimming pools
  • heat exchange surface made of cupro nickel
  • Nominal Heating Capacities up to 1,000,000 Btu/hr for pool applications

Standard Material
Tube Side (Pool Water): Copper Nickel
Shell Side (Boiler Water): Bronze or Cast Iron

Maximum Allowable Working Pressure
Hot side: 6 barg (87psig)
Cold Side: 6 barg (87psig)

Maximum Allowable Working Temperature

Main Advantages

Manufactured under stringent quality control standards, our CN Line Heat Exchangers offer:

  • High Efficiency Heat Transfer
  • Compact Design
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Removable Tube Bundle
  • Competitively Priced
  • Quick Delivery from stock


  • Pools, spas and hot tubs
  • Domestic Hot Water
  • Sea Water Applications
  • Waste Water Heat Recovery
  • Oil Coolers

Type Capacity Dimensions Connection NPT
  Btu/hr L D C K K
CN200 200,000 13.65 3.39 8.9 1-1/2" 1"
CN400 400,000 14.09 4.5 7.95 2" 1-1/4"
CN650 650,000 18.50 5.04 11.57 3" 1-1/2"
CN1000 1,000,000 20.94 10.71 17.25 2" 1-1/2"
CN1500 1,500,00 27.72 7.8 14.57 2" 2-1/2"

CN Series Pool Heaters

Quick Sizing Table

Part Number Pool Capacity Pool Water Flow Boiler Water Flow Boiler Capacity Connections
  USG GPM GPM BTU/hr Hot Cold
CN200P 23000 66 15.8 200,000 1" NPT 1 1/2"Composite Solvent Weld
CN400P 44500 93 23.8 400,000 1 1/4" NPT 2"Composite Solvent Weld
CN650 60000 127 31.7 650,000 1 1/2" NPT 3" NPT
CN1000 100000 222 54.5 1,000,000 2" NPT 3" NPT
CN1500 156000 330 84.5 1,500,000 2 1/2" NPT 4" Flange
CN135Ti 22000 45 10.5 135,000 1" NPT 1 1/2"Composite Solvent Weld
CN200Ti 32000 66 15.8 200,000 1" NPT 1 1/2"Composite Solvent Weld
CN400Ti 44500 93 23.8 400,000 1 1/4" NPT 2"Composite Solvent Weld

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